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About Carole

Carole spent her childhood abroad. Her parents lived in Singapore and Mainland China and gave her a books on Chinese Massage and T'ai Qi, which fuelled her interest in Chinese Medicine. After a career as a linguist, she began her journey towards becoming a Traditional Acupuncturist by studying Holistic Massage, then Shiatsu. 


'I first became aware of the power of massage when I was bringing my son home from hospital. He was crying, so I massaged his feet and he immediately went to sleep. I was amazed at his response, and decided to explore this therapy, which had long intrigued me. Learning massage led me to Shiatsu, a Japanese style of bodywork which has its basis in East Asian Medicine. A friend gave me a treatment and I realised I had not felt so well in years. From there it was a small step to studying acupuncture.'


Carole is a graduate of the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine, where she worked for ten years, initially as a Practical Skills Tutor, then Lecturer in Chinese Medicine, and subsequently as a Clinical Suervisor. She provides mentoring and supervision to graduates.

She is trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Japanese Acupuncture and Five-Element Constitutional Acupuncture. She studied Therapeutic Massage with Michael Orchard, and combines massage with muscle energy technique and fascial unwinding. Her shiatsu training was wth Chris Jarmey, founder of the European School of Shiatsu. In 2007 Carole undertook clinical training at Number One TCM Hospital in Beijing.​


She is a member of the British Acupuncture Council and adheres to its Code of Ethics and Practice. She is also a Practitioner Member of the BAcC Investigating Committee.​


Carole is also a trained teacher and linguist of some 20 years experience, fluent in Spanish and French.


'It is now 28 years since I began my life as a complementary therapist. I find that patients often seek out a holistic therapy when they are at a kind of crossroads with their health and wellbeing. Moving their Qi often helps them move forwards.'

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