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Acupuncture is the practice of inserting fine needles into certain points in the skin (known as 'acupuncture points'). According to TCM theory, this rectifies problems with the flow of qi through the body and is beneficial for a great variety of  conditions, be they physical or emotional.




This is a hands-on therapeutic treatment that relieves everyday stress and promotes deep relaxation. It can also treat specific complaints such as frozen shoulder, back pain, neck and shoulder tension, joint pain and arthritic conditions.


Shiatsu - 'finger pressure' - is a Japanese bodywork technique using finger, thumb and palm pressure, stretches and other elements of massage. It can help with muscle pain, stress and emotional issues. Treatments are given on a futon mat with patients fully clothed.

Moxibustion & Cupping

These are given as part of acupuncture treatments. Moxibustion is the heating of moxa (mugwort herb) near acupuncture points in order to warm the area and stimulate the flow of ​blood. Cupping involves suction cups being placed on points, creating a partial vacuum and dispelling blood stagnation. 





For more information on research into acupuncture, please see the WHO website.


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