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Testimonial 1

Our son had his first chest infection when he was 18 months old.  He was ill for 9 weeks and ended up spending a week in hospital recovering from pneumonia.  He constantly had a runny nose, so we had him allergy tested and he came up as wildly allergic to house dust-mite.  We got rid of the carpets, put down wooden floors and bought anti-allergy bedding.  But still his nose kept running and he seemed to have a persistent cough.  He was diagnosed as asthmatic even though he never wheezed and was very active, playing football competitively from the age of seven.  He was prescribed steroid inhalers, which he took for about 8 months a year.  He had his second bout of pneumonia when he was seven.

When we moved to the IOW four years ago he went under the care of the allergy centre and we saw some progress, but this meant that he was taking a nose spray as well as the inhalers.  He was signed off from the centre last year when his lung function returned to normal levels.  He is now almost 12, and has had chest infections nearly every year of his life.  He also had quite a lot of sick days from school.  He produced so much mucous that his body would reach the stage where it could not cope.  It was easy for us to spot the symptoms: he got pale, got a temperature and then vomited until all the mucous had gone.

He decided he had had enough at the end of last year and his friend’s mum had had successful acupuncture treatment for chest-related problems.  We were very proud of his decision to give acupuncture a go because he has a real phobia of needles, but he went ahead and after the first session he said that his nostrils felt clear for the first time ever.  He only needed a couple of treatments as he found the sensations very strong.  He still blows his nose quite a bit, but this is something of a habit (having drummed into him from a very young age the need to try to clear his nose so that it did not clog him up!).  The tissues are barely wet now, whereas before treatment they were sodden.  It is so good to see him running round the football field without sniffing or having to wipe his nose on his sleeve. He also very proudly said to me at the end of the last school term that this is the first term he could ever remember where he had not had a day off sick.  For our son, this has been a really positive treatment.

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