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Testimonial 2

‘After 18 difficult months and numerous appointments with specialists we had started to think that we would not be able to conceive without medical intervention. I visited Carole for a massage and while taking my history I told her that we had been trying for a baby with no success. Carole told me about the benefits of acupuncture as a fertility treatment both on its own and in conjunction with IVF and after doing a fair amount of online research my husband and I decided that we would give it a go. We both had an initial appointment with Carole to discuss the course of treatment, following this we both had weekly appointments for one full cycle. We had planned to continue with weekly appointments for the next couple of months, however, we conceived during my next cycle. 


While there is an argument to say that we had been trying for so long and our falling pregnant after one cycle of treatment was a coincidence, we feel that Carole's treatments helped both our minds and bodies do what they needed in order to produce our precious baby. I was starting to become quite upset and run down by the stress of trying to conceive coupled with our generally stressful lives and we both credit acupuncture with making our little miracle happen. 


With the exception of a bit of morning sickness (something I have since found out Carole could also have helped with) I had a wonderful pregnancy and a fantastic birth experience and now have a very relaxed, calm and happy baby. I would not only recommend anyone trying to conceive to consider acupuncture as a safe nurturing aid to conception, I intend to have another course of treatments with Carole before trying for our second child.'




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